Wine Tasting Haven In Mount Tamborine

WineryNothing can get more romantic than going on a wine tasting expedition on a holiday with your partner in Mount Tamborine. The wineries in this region are not just about tasting wine but it is that whole new experience of checking out the exotic vineyards, the lush rainforest greens and the azure blue sky. And in the midst of all this are you with your partner tasting the most local exquisite wines and the icing on the cake is combining your wine with that perfect cheese from the local cheese factory “Witches Chase Cheese”.

The Wineries that await You on Mount Tamborine

There are a total of eight wineries along with two breweries and one distillery, all of this within a stretch of eight kilometers.  No way out of it – when on a holiday and so many places to visit, you are bound to get spoilt for choice. But after all, holidays are all about indulgence and pampering yourself. So for this holiday, let the pungent taste of wine pamper you.

Be it red wine or white wine, choose your preferred poison and soak in the glory of its taste.  Wine makes you tipsy and slightly dizzy but the intensity is just about enough to help you let go and enjoy the moment.  Life can sometimes be very stressful and the wine collection on Mount Tamborine is your solution for a more peaceful life.

So if you are planning a holiday of relaxation, then look no further because the Mount Tamborine wineries are your ultimate spot of luxury, relaxation and indulgence.

We recommend:

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“The Vino Bus” –  try something different for the day and jump on board “The Vino Bus” for a wine tasting experience you will not forget!  Discover spectacular scenery whilst making your way through the mountain’s unique wine trail – home to over 10 wineries!  Half Day or Full Day tours from either Brisbane or the Gold Coast with pick up from your front door or holiday accommodation.  We welcome couples and larger groups incl. corporate groups. Birthday parties and hens/bucks days are our specialty. Read More About The Vino Bus