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As well as the numerous physical benefits associated with yoga, there are many other wonderful side-effects to the yoga practice.
It creates a sense of peace and well-being within and enhances the clarity of mind. It is cultivating a deep sense of balance and harmony to the inner and the outer world, firstly to ourselves which secondly expands to those around us.

Kathy Cook Yoga

Yoga, Fitness, Tamborine WellbeingKathy Cook Yoga

Catering for ALL levels!
Kathy Cook has been conducting Hatha Yoga classes on Tamborine for 10 years. Classes cater to all levels with a focus on each individual needs and honoring our personal limitations. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, gender or flexibility. Private and small group classes can be arranged on request.

ph: (07) 5545 1552 or Mob 0447 896 319


Yoga Tamborine, Classes, WellnessLaurene Hassard Yoga

Wellbeing for Body and Mind!
I have been teaching yoga for 25 years and understand the importance of maintaining a strong, clean healthy body enjoying a clear peaceful mind and nourishing the spirit. Meditation classes, chakra workshops and weekend retreats are held regularly to offer the student a deeper understanding of the philosophy of yoga, oneself…and life. My yoga teacher training was with the International Yoga Teacher’s Association in Australia and the Integral Yoga Institute in the USA.

ph: (07) 5545 4077 or Mob 0407 754 413

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