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Culinary delights on Tamborine Mountain often mean enjoying a BBQ or picnic in one of the many parks and designated picnic areas. There are a huge number of quiet and secluded picnic areas, some sheltered, some with views, some with children’s playgrounds, some with wood or electric BBQs.

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However you imagine your ideal picnic spot – you are bound to find it on Tamborine Mountain!

Please also note the picnic ground overview listing at the bottom of this page, showing all worthwhile to know details of each picnic spot.

(A1) “Cedar Creek Falls”Read More

Located at the start of the walking trail to “Cedar Creek Falls”, there are two distinctly separate picnic areas. The first one is closer to the car park and offers plenty of room and facilities. The second area is reached after approximately two hundred meters walk on a sealed path, just to the right of the beginning of the board walk that leads to the falls.

(B3) “The Knoll”Read More

Also a popular lookout, the picnic area at “The Knoll” is beautifully laid out and offers every possible facility including large picnic shelters, electric BBQs and plenty of parking.  The “Sandy Creek” circuit walking trail incorporating “Cameron Falls” starts just left of the lookout.

(C3) “Geissmann Oval”Read More

A popular area for sporting activities, centrally located just off “Main Street” in North Tamborine.  Heaps of picnic facilities and within walking distance of shops, the oval is good for families and larger groups wanting a bit of space away from traffic and noise.

(D4) “Doughty Park”Read More

This small park is located within the busy North Tamborine shopping precinct, just a few meters off “Main Western Road”. It offers limited children’s playground equipment and picnic facilities.  Due to the proximity of traffic, children need to be supervised at all times.

(D7) “Staffsmith Park”Read More

Featuring the Mountain’s largest children’s playground (fully fenced and covered with shade cloth), this park offers great facilities such as a dog leash free area (also fully fenced) and a 7-station exercise track.

(E8) “Lions Park”Read More

Offering basic picnic facilities, the “Lions” Park offers plenty of room for the kids to roam around.  Large trees provide shade on hot days and cooking can be done on a number of wood fired BBQ’s.

(K3) “Rosser Park”Read More

Just across the road from “Taste Buddies” Convenience Store and the “St Bernards Shopping Village”, this park is easily accessible and well visited, offering sheltered picnic settings and wood fired BBQ’s.

(K4) “Guanaba Park”Read More

Just past the Golf Course on the left side of the road when heading up the mountain from Nerang using “Henri Robert Drive”, “Guanaba Park” is a great area for kids with good playground equipment and space for games of all kinds.

(M1) “Lahey Lookout Park”Read More

At the southernmost point of Tamborine Mountain this was once a very popular lookout area incl. a viewing tower to give early settlers advance warnings of approaching bush fires. With the tower long gone and trees obstructing the views, this small park is now a quiet picnic area, offering a variety of facilities.

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