Tamborine Mountain “Lions Park” Picnic Area

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The entrance sign to “Lions Park”

Offering all necessary picnic facilities, the “Lions Park” has plenty of room for the kids to roam around. Large trees provide shade on hot days and cooking can be done on a number of wood fired BBQ’s.

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Lions Park NEW Picnic Shelters

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Plenty of room for the kids to roam around!

In early 2012, the Tamborine Mountain “Lions Club” installed two large picnic shelters, providing protection from the elements.

These feature large picnic benches and tables and a solidly built roof structure on a concrete floor.  This addition makes “Lions Park” an even more popular picnic area.  It is easily accessible, but still a little away from the “beaten track”.  The new picnic shelters are located close to “Curtis Road”, with plenty of close by parking.

For more information about the Tamborine Mountain Lions Club click here.

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