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Granny Macs Store, Tamborine Markets, National Park

Granny Macs Store on “Gallery Walk”

Granny Mcs, Fudge Store Tamborine, Cafe and Lollies “Granny Macs Store” is right in the middle of famous “Gallery Walk” on Tamborine Mountain, offering over 40 varieties of mouth watering fresh fudge.  Delight in the aromas, the colours, the tastes of our famous fudge.  Years of experience and the finest ingredients result in a range of fudge that is often described as “second to none”.  When you visit “Granny Macs Store” feel free to sample before choosing.  Fudge will be cut and packaged to your requirements, and can be mailed to anywhere in the world!

Most fudges are gluten-free, fudges containing gluten, eggs or nuts are marked accordingly.

“Granny Macs Store” also stocks a full range of Macadamia nut products.  They are a special nut, said in some medical reports to have properties of reducing cholesterol.  Their taste and texture make them a popular choice.  Choose from roasted and salted, or from a variety of flavors, including honey, honey-sesame, hickory smoked, wasabi, sour cream and chives and butter candy.

Fudge Tamborine, Gallery Walk

Try our range of 40 different flavors fudge !

Young or old will light up when they see the array of lollies to suit all tastes.  Lollies you will remember from your youth, flying saucers, dolly mixture and the like.  “Granny Macs Store” specializes in English and Dutch confection – from Liquorices Allsorts, to Salt Liquorices and Sour Lollies – you will be spoilt for choice.  And for the ginger lovers – a whole section awaits incl. crystalised ginger, choc coated ginger, drinks and preserves.

Gallery walk, Gold Coast Hinterland

Try before you buy –
bet you can’t stop after just one!

“Granny Macs” have sourced a wide range of gluten free confection as well as a sugar free range for those with special dietary requirements.

A large selection of all your favourite Ice Cream flavours awaits you, including the ever popular rum and raisin and macadamia. We also stock connoisseur choc covered ice-cream & for the dairy intolerant we stock “Smooze” fruit ices made with coconut milk & fruit juice.

Relax on the Café verandah to enjoy lovingly prepared meals including pies, soups, scones and pancakes, cakes and biscuits, all served with a cheery smile.  Many items are home made and there are a number of gluten free options available throughout the store and café.

We look forward to greeting you and hope your visit to “Granny Macs Store” and Tamborine Mountain will bring you many happy memories.

Gallery Walk, Tamborine Mtn, National Park, The green behind the gold

For fudge, lollies and much more!

Granny Macs Store
139 Long Road “Gallery Walk”
Phone: (07) 5545 1999
Fax: (07) 5545 0400