The Terrace Kiosk

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Take it to the top with a trip to “Thunderbird Park” on the corner of Cedar Creek Falls Road and Tamborine Mountain Road on Tamborine Mountain between Queensland’s Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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Mouthwatering PIZZA fresh from the wood fired oven!

Light Lunch, Pizza and Snacks, Thunderbird ParkAdventure joins nature at Thunderbird Park, enjoy the activities and a tasty meal or snack at the licensed Terrace Kiosk.

Choose from a menu of affordable snacks, meals, and beverages. This family friendly venue is the perfect spot for lunch in the rainforest.

Tuck into a delicious 12-inch pizza fresh from the wood-fired oven. There are eight varieties priced from $15 to $20.

The Terrace Kiosk is open from 8am to late afternoon every day.

The Terrace Kiosk at “Thunderbird Park”
Cnr Cedar Creek Falls Road
Phone: (07) 5545 1468