Green Lane Coffee Plantation

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Coffee Plantation, Tamborine Mtn, Witches Chase National Park, Visit Tambourine Mountain Welcome to our plantation, home to the happiest coffee trees on the planet.

Coffee Plantation Tamborine Mountain, Green Lane Coffee, Mt Tambourine, National Park

Our coffee trees are the happiest on the planet!

At the Green Lane Coffee Plantation, we grow premium, organic coffee up amongst the beautiful scenery on Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Our Tamborine Mountain plantation is home to the happiest coffee trees on the planet. As a boutique coffee plantation, we don’t have the amount of trees that most coffee plantations have, but we think that’s our advantage.

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Open every day from 8am to 3pm

We’re able to put in the time it takes to really care for each individual tree and make sure that they are all thriving in our gorgeous climate. Every coffee cherry is hand-picked by our dedicated team to ensure that only the finest are chosen. Without having to rely on machine harvesting, we ensure that cherries are only taken off the trees when they’re fully ripe for the picking!

Our plantation is home to the crop that is roasted as a single origin; highlighting the amazing flavours that are derived from coffee trees growing in our rich, volcanic soil. Our blended roasts feature the coffee grown at our plantation as well as other farms from the foremost coffee growing countries in the world. All roasting is done on-site at our plantation; ensuring our homegrown beans don’t have far to travel.

Our plantation is open to everyone – come up the mountain and discover the rich flavours of Australian coffee. At the Green Lane Coffee Plantation, you’ll not only be able to taste our incredible coffee; but you’ll also to be able to see how coffee makes its journey right from when its planted all the way until it reaches the espresso machine. “From Seed to Cup”

Coffee Plantation, Tamborine Mountain

Our Coffee Trees are the happiest trees on the planet!

Tamborine Mtn Coffee Plantation, Green Lane Cafe, Tambourine National Park

Our gorgeous climate produces the best coffee beans!

To get the most out of your experience – organised tours are available for small groups.* Please give us one week’s notice, just so we can make sure we have someone on deck to show you around. We welcome all coffee lovers, and everyone in the industry to come and share in our passion and love for coffee.

If you are in the area, why not take the time to visit us at our café which is located at the plantation.
We are open 7 days a week from 8am to 3pm.

Green Lane Coffee Plantation
64 Alpine Terrace
Mount Tamborine Qld 4272
Phone: (07) 5545 2777 or 0419 174 374