Tamborine Mountain – A Commonwealth Community

In 2018 Tamborine Mountain will be on the doorstep of one of the world’s most iconic gathering of sports people – the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Community, Tamborine Event, Games 2018 This will be the single biggest event in a decade in Australia when many thousands of people will gather from all over the world to compete and celebrate together.

Tamborine Mountain is celebrating this gathering as a ‘Commonwealth Community’. Seventy businesses have been matched with the seventy competing Commonwealth Countries, to become ambassadors – to learn about and identify with their chosen country and to support the athletes and their achievements. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to involve the local community in the spirit of the Games.

We plan to involve community groups in activities from athletic events through to trivia nights and food events – all designed to unite our community and celebrate the Commonwealth Community.

Commonwealth Community, Games 2018, Events Gold Coast Discover Tamborine Mountain – Buy your passport!

Commonwealth Community events have commenced in April 2017 and are running throughout the year until the Commonwealth Games in April 2018.

This time frame allows plenty of opportunities to get to know our commonwealth neighbours, athletes and visitors alike, and to welcome them to Australia. Come visit us to enjoy the celebrations with our Commonwealth Community.

70 Countries + 70 Stamps + 70 Offers

We have printed passports for our visitors. The passport features a page for each country participating at the Games. After purchasing your $5 passport from any participating business, the relevant page will be stamped at each ambassadorial business you choose to visit. This stamp will entitle you to redeem the ‘special offer’ from that business. Over $1,000 worth of offers will be available!

Follow the story – see what businesses are doing to become great ambassadors for their chosen countries at www.commonwealthcommunity.org/countries