Spice of Life Cafe Deli Menu

Menu Spice of Life, Cafe tamborine Mtn, DelicatessenSpice of Life Cafe Deli
28 Main Street, Tamborine Mountain ph (07) 5545 3553
Open 7am to 5pm every day


from 7am to midday

Big Daddy Breakfast 17.9
two eggs as you like them, bacon, grilled tomato, field mushroom, hash browns and chipolata sausages served on toast

Eggs Benedict 16.9
two poached eggs, grilled tomato and homemade hollandaise sauce served on potato rosti with a choice of bacon, spinach or salmon ($2 extra)

Asian Omelette 12.9 V
thin asian style omelette filled with stir-fried julienne vegetables, drizzled with sweet soy sauce served with turkish toast

Bruschetta duo 15.9
one with smoked salmon, spanish onion & goats cheese, the other with spicy pan fried chorizo, semi dried tomato & cream cheese

Ploughmans breakfast 15.9
country style warmed meatloaf, dill pickle, crusty bread roll, chutney and mersey valley cheddar

The spice girl 11.9 V
red capsicum, semi-dried tomato, spinach & roasted zucchini topped with one poached egg and homemade hollandaise sauce, served on turkish toast

Breakfast crepe 11.9 V
filled with spinach, onion, mushroom, tomato & cheddar cheese

I just want eggs on toast 7.9
add hash browns (2) 2 add avocado 3
add chipolata sausages (2) 2 add baked beans 3
add hollandaise sauce 3 add grilled tomato 3
add bacon 4 add extra toast 1.5
add mushroom 4 add spinach 2
add smoked salmon 4 add extra egg 1.5

Coconut pancakes (3) 10.9 V D
with caramel sauce, fresh sliced mango & toasted coconut
add ice cream 1

Breakfast muesli trifle 10.9 V
layers of mixed berry, witches chase yoghurt & brookfarm toasted macadamia muesli

Door stop fruit toast 3.9 / 6.9 V
choice of one or two slices of thick fruit toast served with ‘the grainge’ raspberry jam & butter

Toast 4.9
choice of white, turkish, capeseed, gluten-free or corn bread served with a choice of honey, ‘the grainge’ raspberry jam, vegemite or marmalade

Lunch from 12pm to 3pm

add fries to any of these meals 3.9

Prawn twisters 13.9
with chilli lime aioli and dressed salad – great for a snack or to share as an entree

Soft taco plate 10.9
mexican beef filled soft taco served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, cheese & guacamole

Warm lentil salad 12.9 V
with puy lentils, broad beans, baby spinach & smoked tomato chutney served with grilled flatbread

Chicken & mango salad 18.9 D
with peanuts, fried shallots & ginger soy dressing served in a lettuce cup

Spiced lamb rump salad 19.9 G
with honey roasted sweet potato, fetta and tzatziki

Goats cheese filo tart 11.9 V
filled with witches chase goats cheese, caramelised onions, baked pumpkin on a bed of rocket

Battered barramundi 14.9
barramundi fillet served with dressed salad, shoestring fries and home-made tartare sauce

Chicken parmigiana 17.9
served with fries and dressed salad

Gourmet burgers
served on a toasted roll with mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, our own caramelized onion & our beetroot orange chutney
angel bay beef burger with bbq sauce 11.90
chicken schnitzel burger with aioli 15.90
vegetarian kofta burger with chutney 11.90 V
add fries 3.9 / add egg 1.5 / add bacon 4

Open blat 12.9
bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato & mayonnaise on toasted turkish bread
closed with lid – add 2 add chicken – add 4

Fries 7.9
with rosemary salt served with a choice of aioli or tomato sauce

We cannot guarantee any of our meals and cakes to be totally gluten free as our kitchen is not a gluten free environment

All Day Options

Soup of the Day  9.9
ask our staff for today’s selection served with toast

two varieties from the display cabinet    9.9            three varieties from the display cabinet    12.9

Beef & Guinness pie 12.9
served with choice of salad from our display cabinet

Red pepper & goats cheese frittata 12.9  G V
served with choice of salad from our display cabinet

Swiss macaroni cheese 8.9 V
served with choice of salad from our display cabinet

Risotto cakes 12.9  G V
with pumpkin, feta & asparagus, served with mango chutney & choice of salad from our display cabinet

Moroccan beef stew 14.9 D
slow cooked beef, lentil & chickpea stew, infused with moroccan spices served with rice

Green pea & Sweet potato curry 11.9  D G V
coconut based curry served with steamed basmati rice and pappadam MILD

Gourmet sandwiches 10.9
see our display cabinet for today’s selection

Wrap 11.9
served lightly toasted – see our display cabinet for today’s selection

Turkish bread 11.9
served lightly toasted – see display cabinet for today’s selection

Toasties 6.9
served on toasted white bread – ham & cheese; ham, cheese & tomato; or cheese & tomato

KIDS macaroni cheese 8.9 V

KIDS chicken schnitzel 10.9 lunchtime only
served with fries

KIDS CHEESEBURGER 10.9 lunchtime only
served with fries


Fruit Chillers
dairy free – mango, strawberry or mixed berry
regular  4.9      large  6.9

reg 6.9      lg  8.9
Chocolate / Tim Tam / White Choc Raspberry / Cappuccino / Toffee Coffee

sm  6.9    reg  7.9    lg  9.9
Tropical Treat – mango passionfruit
Berry Buzzer – apple wildberry
Razzamatazz – raspberry banana
Breaky GoGo – banana honey muesli

Juices 100% real fruit
sm 6.9    med 7.9      lg 9.9
Start Me Up – orange pine ginger mint
Energizer – orange banana strawberry
All nighter – carrot celery apple
Berry Crush – orange apple wildberry
Tutti Fruity – fruits of the season
Orange – freshly squeezed

Iced Coffee  4.9

Iced Chocolate  4.9

Spider  4.9

Milkshake  4.9
chocolate, vanilla, caramel, strawberry

Soft Drink  2.9
coke, diet coke, lemonade, lemon squash creaming soda, passionfruit

homemade Iced Tea  4.5

Bundaberg Ginger Beer  3.9

Organic Fruit Juices  4.9

A variety of other bottled drinks are available in our drink fridges

Our coffees are served at between 60 and 70 deg. Please advise if you wish to have them any hotter


Short  or Long Black  3.7
a double shot of full flavoured coffee

Flat White  3.7
espresso mixed with creamy hot milk

Cappuccino  3.7
with textured hot milk and dusted with chocolate powder

Latte  3.7
espresso served in a glass with creamy hot milk

Flavoured Latte  4.2
vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, hazelnut, white chocolate

Cafe Mocha  3.9
a mixture of espresso and chocolate topped with textured milk and chocolate powder

Affogato  4.9
a shot of espresso over vanilla ice cream

Vienna  3.9
a long black coffee topped with whipped cream

Chai Latte  3.9
textured milk and spices   dusted with spice mixture

Hot Chocolate  4.5
served with cream or marsh mallows

Irish Coffee  7.9

Leaf Teas  3.9

Herbal Infusions   3.9
see our tea board for all varieties available

All coffees are also available as decaffeinated, and can be made on full-cream, trim or soy milk

double shot  0.8
mug size  0.8
soy milk  0.8
decaf   0.8